Worry-Free Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your online purchase, return it for a full refund!

Conditions of Return Policy

You must return the vehicle to Orangeville Autosport within 5 (five) days of delivery, with no more than 500km added to the odometer (as stated on the bill of sale). Day 1 begins the day you accept the vehicle, regardless of the time of day. The vehicle must be returned to the dealership no later than 5pm on the 5th calendar day of receiving your vehicle

Vehicle must be returned in the same condition with the exact same equipment it was delivered with. Tires and accessories must be the same tires and accessories that you purchased the vehicle with and the entire vehicle, including but not limited to, the body should not have any scratches, interior odors, dents, dings/scuffs, or any damage that did not exist at the time you purchased the vehicle. All mechanical/electronic equipment must be functioning the same as at the time you purchased the vehicle

The vehicle must be in the same cosmetic condition as detailed on the condition report that was provided to and accepted by you on delivery day

A refund will be issued within 5 (five) business days of the date of return after a thorough cosmetic and mechanical inspection has been performed by the dealer. The refund will be processed in the same method that you made original payment to the dealer

If you traded-in a vehicle and decide that your new purchase does meet your needs and you would like to return it, your trade-in will be returned to you in the same condition as it was traded. It is possible though that your trade-in will need to re-licensed and certified at your expense

Limitations/Exclusions to Return Policy

❌ The cost of your licensing cannot be returned. You will be given your license plates and ownership to use on another vehicle

❌ You cannot return a vehicle if a lien has been registered against it

❌ Specialty and exotic sports cars do not qualify for a refund. You will be told ahead of time if this refers to your vehicle

❌ Manual transmissions cannot be warranted or guaranteed whatsoever. The vehicle is delivered with a proper-working manual transmission as per safety standards set out by Ontario Ministry of Transportation; if the vehicle is returned with any defect to the drivability/workings of the transmission, it will not be considered returnable

❌ We reserve the right to refuse any returns if we reasonably believe that our policy is being abused