Genuine, honest and family focused customer service!

The first thing I picked up on when I walked into Orangeville Autosport was how quickly I felt like a valued customer – and I didn’t even know if I was buying a car yet! And that’s just the beginning… Throughout the entire browsing and, what eventually led to a buying process, every moment was stress-free, super-fast and detail-oriented. Not to mention the quality of the inventory – I’ve been a connoisseur of Audi/Porsche for almost a decade, and I’d like to think I know my stuff… I could not have had a better feeling/looking/performing pre-owned car! I rolled off the lot with my Audi A8 within the week! I live in the downtown core of Toronto which is about an hour or so from Orangeville. I had a good gut feeling that going the distance would be worth my while and I’m really glad I did. There’s no question that Orangeville Autosport has made a loyal, (and when I’m ready, again).. a repeat customer out of me! Thanks to the team!