Apply for Credit

At Orangeville Autosport, we provide a variety of financing options to help get you into the vehicle of your dreams. As a reputable and established dealership, we have garnered the support of major banks and lending institutions so we can arrange the purchase or lease of you new vehicle. We make the process very easy and are completely transparent. We’ll help you fill in our credit application, submit the request and prepare all necessary paperwork for the loan. Approval rates are very high and we usually can have an answer for you within hours, and can prepare documents the same day you purchase your car.


To estimate what your monthly payments would be on your next purchase, use our payment calculator. Simply enter a few details and you will have a better idea of what to expect when you apply for credit with Orangeville Autosport.


Financing through an established dealership like Orangeville Autosport instead of using your bank to get a loan will result in lower rates for you – lowering your monthly payments and overall interest paid. We can manage this because our specialty is car loans, whereas your bank is not so specifically tailored. The finance process at Orangeville Autosport, which utilizes those same major banks, is a faster and more cost-effective solution for your car purchase. Simply fill out a credit application – found HERE – and we’ll handle the rest.


If Orangeville Autosport doesn’t have the perfect car for you in stock don’t worry, we’ll still help arrange financing for another vehicle you buy. If you have purchased a car from a private individual, we will go through the same process with you as if you bought the car from us – it’s that easy. Simply fill out a credit application – found HERE – and we’ll handle the rest.


Whether you plan to finance, lease or purchase privately, please use this application to apply for credit. Be as thorough as possible to ensure a quick approval.