Lifecycle Costs

When purchasing a new or used vehicle, it is important to understand that depreciation is the greatest cost that you will incur over the term of ownership. A new vehicle will depreciate a minimum of 50% over the first 3 years of ownership. An example would be a new car purchase of $40,000. Assuming the vehicle was well maintained and has had no accidents, the resale value would be approximately $20,000. Combining this cost with the additional cost of taxes and finance charges of the new vehicle, your total cost of ownership before maintenance costs would be in excess of $28,000 of which $20,000 is depreciation alone!

Purchasing a premium used vehicle from ORANGEVILLE AUTOSPORT for $20,000 would have a resale value of $12,000 over a similar 3 year period. Total cost of ownership including taxes and finance charges would be less than $13,000. This cost also includes a comprehensive powertrain warranty so that any major repairs are already covered.

Accident & Lien History

Purchasing a used vehicle can be a challenging and stressful period especially when it comes to the history of the vehicle. It is very important to have a documented report stating what accidents (if any) the vehicle has had, & if so what was the severity of the incident. Never purchase a vehicle from a private seller that has an existing lien on the vehicle. Your local licensing office can provide you information on liens when you give them the vehicle identification number (VIN#), but they do not have any information on accidents.

ORANGEVILLE AUTOSPORT is a registered dealer for CarProof, and a member of UCDA, (Used Car Dealer Association). We provide a complete documented history report on every vehicle. Any accident and all liens are reported. A complete history of previous owners is also available. Every vehicle that we sell has no lien registered against it.

Safety Inspections

Always inquire if the vehicle is being sold with a Safety Certificate and E-Test (if applicable). If the vehicle is being purchased as-is, have a licensed mechanic give you an estimate as to the cost of the safety certificate. Unexpected surprises are warnings for potential problems. Inspect the warranty books that come with the vehicle to ensure scheduled maintenance has been performed. Also, any service records that are available should be thoroughly reviewed prior to accepting an offer to purchase.

Every vehicle that ORANGEVILLE AUTOSPORT sells to a retail customer comes with a safety inspection. This is included with every advertised price. All service records from the previous owner are included, as well as the vehicle operation and warranty manuals if they are available.